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Blog Post created by 3372866 Employee on May 29, 2015

As a nurse, I see my coworkers are constantly sick. Why is this? Why are healthcare workers the ones who are all ways sick? Have the sniffles, a cough, pain, stomach issues. If you can think of it, we usually have it. We usually do not go to the DR either. Not until we too sick that is. Let me give you a little insight if you do not live this industry. It is not because we care for those that are sick. First we work long hours. 8-16 hours a day. Long hours at work and little time at home. How many of us have been called in to work on our day off and worked many days in a row? Everyone of us! We chose an industry as a career that is constantly short handed. There are not enough employees in hospitals, long term, short term care, or home health. It is one industry that is constantly evolving and will continue to do so. It is one industry that will always be in high demand. Second, high amounts of stress. We do not get a lot of time away from work. We have a home life also. We have children, significant others, homes, bills, and work. We come to work and care for others. We are berated daily. If you think we are not, then you are mistaken. Third, we are in pain. A lot. We are constantly on our feet, walking more than the average person. We are walking on concrete floors for all those hours we put in. I bet you didn't know that health care workers hold the highest percentage of any industry to need joint replacement. Makes you think. We work through the pain and try our hardest to not let it show. Fourth, if we are sick, we do not have time to go to the DR. I am serious! We have to go to work. We have bills to pay. We have children to take care of. We do not have time for ourselves. Let me give you an example. I have told you I have 2 young boys. Caleb is 3, will be 4 in October. Dalton is 21 months. He will turn 2 in July. I have a husband. We have been together for 12 years and married for 8. We have a home. We are currently remodeling. That is a job in itself. I keep up with the house work. I have a garden. I do the laundry. I feed and water the pets. I take care of our sons. I take them to daycare. I take them to the DR. On my days off, I cook dinner. I cook breakfast and lunch everyday and do the dishes by hand. We do not have a dishwasher. I do dishes 3 times a day. I am constantly doing a load of laundry. My husband picks up the boys from daycare and cooks dinner for them. I also have to find time to make sure that my marriage stays on track. I have to find time for me somewhere in there. I take time everyday to thank GOD for the blessings he has given me. Do I get sick? Yes. We all get sick at some time or another. Healthcare workers get sick also. Illness runs rampant in this industry. Because we do not have time for ourselves. We make time for others. We do not have 9-5 Monday through Friday jobs. Our job is 24-7 365. We work holidays also. So, do you think that you would feel the effects of all of this if you were in my shoes?