Work Relations

Blog Post created by 3372866 Employee on Jun 5, 2015

We have all had a close work relation that turns into a great life long relationship. Some of have even heard of work husband/wife teams. In fact, I bet we have all had a friendship like this. Some people think this is weird, but think about it. We all need someone of the opposite sex as a friend. As a friend, we laugh, mourn, play, work, give and get advise to each other. I know that my " work husband" and my real husband are very good friends. Nothing sexual has come of my relationship with my " work husband". We do not look at each other that way. We are both happily married. I love his wife! We have become good friends also. My " work husband" and I have worked side by side. We have laughed at each others stupidity. We've played jokes on each other. Mourned with each other over a loss. Jumped for joy over extraordinary news and events. We have helped each other during personal hardships. We have helped with surprises and planned parties. We have gone on trips with each others families. We've done a lot. We are life long friends. That is all. Don't get me wrong. I have life long female friends also. Some of the best times I have had is when a majority of my friends get together and we live it up. Let me tell you, when we get together it gets pretty funny real fast! They are not just my friends, but family. I love them and would do anything for them. We even fight like family. I will never give up my friends, whether they are male and female. just because I do have a male friend that I am close to and work with does not mean that I do not love my husband. Never think that work friends will never be life long. They may just turn out to be your best friend not mater what their gender may be.