Another Bad Name

Blog Post created by 3372866 Employee on Jun 24, 2015

Healthcare workers and the healthcare industry are constantly receiving bad raps. Every industry has some bad apples. The thing is, because it is the healthcare industry, we receive more scrutiny and are highlighted more often. We see every day a new story of a bad apple giving the rest of us a bad name. What about those who are excellent at their job as a care giver? They never receive an accolade, are never in the media. The media never puts anything good out there to give those of us who love this career a helping hand. We are already scrutinized by family members. We are yelled at constantly. We are degraded on a daily basis. Why? Because someone didn't get their medication at 5 pm on the dot. You were there with the medicine at 505 pm. You took the time to run to the restroom after holding it for 4 hours. You didn't stop chest compressions on someone so you could rub lotion on mother's back. ( Yes. I have been yelled at and had a formal complaint placed against me for this.) Long term care workers get this and more on a daily basis. Families bring their loved one to a long term care facility and expect the worst from day one. Most of the time, we change their outlook on us. Sometimes not. We do our best to care for you loved one. We also have 20-40 others we have to care for also. Emergencies happen. Nothing goes as planned. We are all human. We can only do our best. Sometimes our hands are tied because of families wants. Sometimes our hands are tied with the insurance. I've had families stark raving mad because it is our fault when insurance will not pay for a medication that they want their family member on. I've seen insurances refuse to cover medications that are a medically necessary. Doesn't make sense I know. I have seen the good in our workers. I just pray that someday someone will be recognized for it. We see to much bad on the news why not give someone a positive outlook?