A Moment Of Clarity

Blog Post created by 3372866 Employee on Jun 26, 2015

We have all had those that we care for that the dementia is very progressed. They no longer recognize family, friends, do not remember dates, the list goes on. They are the ones living in the past. They talk about their childhood like it was happening now. They tell you about so many things from their past. It's incredible really. There are times when a loved one will say they did not remember that moment until they spoke about it. I have heard about growing up in the dust bowl. I have heard about the depression. I have heard about the last war. I have heard about weddings, births, parties, deaths, you name it. One thing I keep reminding family, there is a moment of clarity at times. It may be few and far between but it does come. Now, when you have someone who has dementia that is progressed and is terminal with something, it always comes. I have seen to many family members cry in joy when their loved one calls them by name and tells them they love them for the last time. It is a precious moment. When someone has a moment of clarity, and they realize that they will never go home, their loved ones are not there, is very heartbreaking. I have seen someone have that moment when the switch is flipped and realizes that their spouse will not talk to them on the phone, will not see them, will not speak to them. We as care givers show them that we care, we are family, we love them. I just hope that some of that love shines through and touches them in some way. Dementia is an evil that only love and compassion can squelch.