Back and Forth

Blog Post created by 3372866 Employee on Jul 7, 2015

I have seen more and more people in and out of the hospital. I am dumbfounded at times how many trips back and forth people take. It makes one wonder what is the cause. I know that some just love going to the hospital. I'm talking about the ones that keep making the trip for the same thing. Let me give you an example. A little over a year ago I was called by my mother in law. Her mother was in the hospital here were I live. I was asked to go and see what was wrong with her and make sure she was being taken care of. So I go to the hospital. I was sent to 5 different stations before being taken to her room. I walk in and she is laying in bed. Her meal tray in front of her covered and cold. Mind you it was 3 pm and lunch was served at noon. I asked her how she was doing. She told me she was to weak to feed herself. Granted I knew this woman well. I was once her taxi service to the doctors. As I spoke with her I found out that this was the 5th time she had been to the hospital in 7 weeks. I asked the nurse to answer some of my questions. She received permition and proceeded to tell me that she was in renal failure and that she had and infection. I knew she was a noncompliant diabetic. Long time noncompliant diabetic. She had a PICC line in and had 3 bags of saline hanging, and 2 different antibiotics hanging. None of them running. The nurse proceeded to tell me she was receiving oral medication for the renal failure. I'm a nurse. There is no medication for renal failure. I asked what the infection was. She could not tell me. I finally was able to see a doctor. They admitted they did not know what type of infection she had and that they had made a mistake not running IV fluids for the renal failure. She was moved to another floor were we the family had to fight for her to be tested for C-Diff and UTI. I knew she had both because of the way she was going to the restroom. She was finally released 3 weeks later. Her renal function did come back. The UTI and C-Diff were not resolved. She was hospitalized 4 more times in 2 months. She then moved back to her home state of Michigan to be closer to her family. There she was hospitalized 9 times in 4 months before she passed away. Crazy I know. I see this in long term care all the time. We send someone for positive pneumonia and they are sent back with a diagnosis of UTI. I have fought with the hospital ER when I send someone who has symptoms of a heart attack and they call us and ask why we send them someone who has a bladder infection. I have sent someone who has had a major surgery and will not stop bleeding, and they return with medication seeking as a diagnosis. I wonder at times if the doctors actually listen. I have nurses friends that work in the hospitals that say unless the loved ones demand something be done, people are thrown to the wayside, the doctors look at age and were they live and take that into consideration also. I'm getting this from friends and family all over the country. Makes one wonder.