Balance and Practicing Self-Care

Blog Post created by 351116 Administrator on Jun 11, 2015

In our high school football team, every summer we have whats called a "Hell Week".  I've heard that other teams have a similar week, so some of you might understand.  But I have never heard of anyone refer to a "Hell Month, Quarter, or Year".  But we all know that sometimes there are definitely "hell months, quarters, years".  This week has been one of those "hell weeks" for me, and I realized that it is because I have allowed my life balance to shift.  As the work load continues to pile up, it is so easy to work and work and work.  Especially when you LOVE your job and you wake up everyday looking forward to going to work.  Even when you don't love your job and are waking up everyday thinking, "Man how can I make today better than yesterday, because I cannot handle anymore yesterday's".  But what really matters is you and your family.  Work is work, it is something that can make your life happier or miserable, but what you go home to everyday THAT is what truly matters.  We have a tendency to allow our finances to set our priorities, I would say that is wrong.  At the end of the day, what really matters to me is my family, my kids, and myself.  I am blessed to be able to have an amazing job that I love and look forward to going to every day. I am also blessed to be able to work from home.  But that is a blessing and a curse at the same time.  While working from home, it is much easier to work into the late hours of the night and not feel like you are "missing" anything because you are at home.  As my supervisor and coach is always reminding me, it is important to have a set balance.  When you hit those 8 hours for the day, close down and enjoy your family.  My work partner Rhett Davis, has had to encourage me over the past few weeks to put reminders on my calendar to stop working on time.  Our entire team has been struggling with keeping the proper work life balance these past few weeks/months, and it really is a balance.  There is NO way to separate work and personal.  They are two in one.  So our supervisor and coach Dr. Christina Watlington has required that we take 30 minutes our of our work day for self-care, and time for us to take out to focus on our physical health, she also purchase the book, The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, for us.  Every week in our team calls we have a self-care check-in to make sure that we are reading certain chapters of the book and reflecting on it, and to make sure that we are taking the time out of our day to work out or walk or something to take care of our physical health.  The amount of self awareness that I have gained from doing this has been incredible.  I was struggling today in particular and was able to recognize when I was being triggered to react instead of respond and I was able to take control of myself and respond instead of reacting.  The impact of having an increased awareness around self-care has been unbelievable and has really helped with my productivity and my enjoyment of my job.

My Challenge to You:

  1. Take a week to learn what some of your triggers are and how they affect you; when you feel yourself getting frustrated or emotional over something (in work or at home) take a moment to reflect and identify what was triggering you to react in the way you did.
  2. After you have recognized some of your triggers (ongoing process), when you feel yourself being triggered this week, try to share compassion.  It takes work, intention, and discipline with ourselves and others to respond with compassion and not react with frustration or anger.
  3. Buy the book the The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, and read it in sections allowing yourself to reflect what you are reading.  (It is available on Audible as well, but I would encourage the hard copy and not just the audible book)

        I can only help that it touches your spirit as much as it has mine.


My Request of You:

After you complete the first two steps, share with your supervisor or even here or in a group some of what you have learned and if this has helped you or if it was a waste of time.  Truly be honest with yourself and the person(s) you are sharing this with.  Be open to suggestions and encouragement.

If you do get the book, share with us some of your take aways as you read it?  What are some things that stand out to you?

With that, I am not sure if this is a traditional blog post, but it has definitly helped me and I wanted to share it with you all!

A very special thank you to Christina and Rhett for being so AMAZING.  Thank you, I love you both!