The Joy of Living Now

Blog Post created by 351116 Administrator on Jun 15, 2015

When I was young, I promised myself that I would never worry or fear getting old.  I promised myself that one I would look back and be inspired by my journey, by the wisdom in the years that I had gained, and the experience that I have had. When I made that promise, I never realized that I was making a false promise.  I never thought that I would be afraid. Now that I'm a mother of two children, aging has a different meaning to me. As I look at my kids, I realize that with every laugh, every cry, every “mom”, I feel myself getting older because I see them getting older.  The fear that I am feeling is not so much out of a concern or focus on my age, as much as it is on their age and how fast time flies. I look at my kids and I remember their first laugh or their first cry, but I don't automatically recall what they looked like when they had their first moments.  I see the gigantic young person making those sounds or stumbling around.  It was just yesterday that they were tiny little babies and just yesterday that I was so afraid to take them home because I thought it was going to break them.  Today I look at my daughter and see a beautiful 7 year old young lady, and at my son and see a vibrant 3 year old little man.  Where does the time go, why don't we notice how precious every moment is? How precious every kiss, every hug, every laugh, every cry every, anger tantrum, and learning experience is? How did I miss that? How did I miss the glory of life until, I got to experience the blessing of watching someone's life take shape? If you have kids or have been close to a young child, then this might be a little easier for you grasp.  Even if you don’t have children or are around young ones, there is a chance that you have already experienced this “aha” moment.  We as human beings, need to remember to take every moment, every learning experience, every failure, every success and recognize that they're all precious, they are all a gift, and just enjoy them.  Remember that time goes by so quick.  Tomorrow will be yesterday before you know it. Don't hold back, don't wait until tomorrow if you have something special that you want to do today, something that you want to learn today, something that you want to be today.  There are so few tomorrows and so many yesterdays.  Don't live your life in the tomorrow enjoy your yesterdays and be proud them.  Don't be the person who lives in the yesterday’s, with the moments that are gone or the missed opportunities.  Don’t allow yourself to get upset when today turns into yesterday and you didn't do what you wanted to.  Make sure that you live in the moment, that you enjoy your life and if you have kids tomorrow's come way too soon, way too soon…  Remember that tomorrow is today, now is the moment, and today is yesterday. Live every moment, keep every memory with no fear, no regrets.  Fill your life with love, happiness, and enjoy it.