Food for thought

Blog Post created by 3641014 Employee on Nov 25, 2015

I cant seem to figure out why or how some people get special treatment with supervisors while others are barely getting by. I set back and see a lot that goes on, I have worked on all side of the spectrum, CNA, CMA, LPN, RN, DON at one time, now I'm back working as a RN charge nurse. I just wonder why staff insist on trying to "Butter Up" supervisors. When I worked as a DON it did nothing more but upset me when someone would come into my office several times per day just to "Shoot the Bull" or to ask a question you know they already know the answer to. Dose the staff member want attention or what. Is it gratifying for some supervisors or a "Power Trip", I am really just trying to understand this. Well enough of my rant now. Its 2am. Goodnight everyone.