Deepest hole I'd ever seen!!!!

Blog Post created by 3798413 Employee on Dec 20, 2015

The deepest hole I'd ever seen was the one hole that I dug for myself during my addiction. But not only did I dig a hole in my life but every persons life that interacted with me. In the midst of our reckless journey we become ammuned to us killing ourselves slowly, but only with the intentions to not really kill ourselves. (we hope)! I finally was tired of destroying me and everything around me. God opened my eyes when he sent me to the Phoenix House instead of prison again. There are two wonderful individuals I truly can say helped me through tis program at the Phoenix House and they are Mrs. Willie Tanner and Mr. Bobby Wheeler they are a pair of magnificent people and I'll always feel a certain way about them until the day I die. Thanks for caring for a dope fiend like me who's living a clean and serene life on life terms one day at a time. I continue to strive for progress not perfection.