The Blackhole of Night-shift

Blog Post created by 4300385 Administrator on Mar 6, 2016

If knowledge is power than night-shift is a dark place indeed. Even here I come back over the course of my shift to check on conversations to find that the whole site still seems to be in a state of preservation, like a museum display. Then I remember, oh yeah it is three in the morning, the rest of the world sleeps while you toil on. Information is hard to come by at night, and it is almost harder to get information out. On a day shift you might exchange a dozen emails with a person, or arrange a call to propel action forward. At night you can leave one message and hope it gets all that you need and that the person does not need any clarification, because if they do, everything will wait for one more whole day. Incoming information gets garbled or disappears before it makes it all the way to your shift. You must become a detective, and an archaeologist, and an archivist to sift through the mundane clutter and find the important, and then like a scholarly dragon, you must hoard that knowledge so that you have it when the need arises. At the same time, the quiet can be serene and soothing in a hectic and stressful job type. The bad in one way can sometime be the good in another.