When is it Time to Move On?

Blog Post created by 4300385 Administrator on Oct 6, 2016

I try never to do anything for one reason, so I tend to look at things from multiple angles to determine the choices I make. I recently had to consider if it was time to change jobs. One the things that got me thinking about this and the first reason I have for making my decision is something one of my supervisors said to me. She said, "If you don't have any room to improve, then it is time to move on." Don't get me wrong, I am human and make my fair share of mistakes, but in general my work received a good deal of praise and very little negative feedback. Doing well had become commonplace.

This dovetails with something that I have been doing for the last few years. In an effort to keep moving forward, I have been continuing to do things that I feel like are at least a step and a half more than I am ready for. It is not comfortable, and it adds a good deal of anxiety to my life. However it has lead to undeniable progress in my life.

As a Team Lead, I also feel the need to be a force for the progression of the way my position and the position of those that I manage are administrated. If there are things that need to change it is part of my job to bring those things to light and be an advocate for the more efficient and effective work environment. If through my vocal advocacy I am unable to effect change, is it time to take action to illustrate the need for change in the form of moving on to the next job? This was a facet of the decision that I struggled with. On one hand it feels a little like leaving my team in the wind. On the other, sometimes action is what is needed to get the attention of the people that are not in direct contact with the day to day execution of your job. In the end I have to hope my decision is a catalyst for change.

The last major facet of my decision feels self centered and shallow. Money. I am an intensely loyal employee, and it feels like a betrayal to take a job for more money, even if it is only part of the reason. But money is the fuel of a modern life, and taking opportunities to improve your own life is how we grow as people. As much as any company may care about its employees and have their best interests at heart, if you can improve your life, you are the only person that has the responsibility or the capability to do that.

In the end it is important to keep moving forward, and sometimes that means you are going to have to part ways with people or employers. Even one's you like.