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Blog Post created by John Ege Employee on Dec 7, 2015

So, here I am considering that old theorem about so many monkeys with so many typewriters and a certain amount of time, one of them would actually, coincidentally or accidentally,  reproduce the works of Shakespeare. Taking it further, I wonder how many blog entries I would have to write to say something profound, and how many readers would it require sifting through all the noise before profound stepped up and struck someone with sufficient strength that they forwarded it on, and would it ultimately be easier to determine the amount of licks required to get to the center of a tootsie roll tootsie pop.


Though I pretend to be a writer in my off time, I'm not sure I could produce sufficient material to hold an audience for a blog, nor do I envision myself as someone requiring followers, and if I did acquire a following, would I have to transfer to another blog medium on retiring or moving away from RELIAS CONNECT, or is it once a member always a member, and do I really want to suffer the existential angst that goes with a blog and trying to be clever or insightful or even being that morning voice that greets you with varying degrees of coherence depending on the level of coffee consumed? This could too easily turn into "to be or not to be" soliloquy.


And does anyone really read blog posts? I usually avoid them because I don't really want to have to commit to liking or disliking a thing which is often subjective, and then I get disgruntled because FACEBOOK doesn't have a 'dislike' feature so I can minimize the noise coming across that channel. Now, I do admit to enjoying reading the comments that accompany any scientific or nature article or youtube video, especially if it's about astronomy. If and when I get back to the University, either teaching or pursuing the PhD, (only so I can have a Tardis put in the front yard and play the part,) I really think there is an illuminating study to be had just assessing how well our school systems have faired based on the apparent level of understanding demonstrated by the comments. Some of them are funny, most are just sad, and I'm hoping some were striving for irony, as I again, too easily, find myself wanting to leave comments to address the misunderstandings and before too long I feel like I've entered the opening sequence of 2001 a Space Odyssey and we're just primates hitting each other with bones while in the background a miraculous monolithic artifact looms waiting for us to stop chattering and listen...


Oh. There is something there. Isn't there?