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Blog Post created by John Ege Employee on Jan 26, 2017

I love Spock. I think it's okay to say that in the present tense. Even my son knows Spock and he knows when I give the Vulcan hand gesture, "Spock." This last Saturday, I watched "For the Love of Spock," a documentary produced by Leonard Nimoy's son. It felt more self indulgent than pure documentary for the sake of documentary, but still, I enjoyed it. Other than insight into his family, I didn't learn anything I hadn't already discovered through my readings about Trek. I never met Nimoy, even though out of all the characters, I most wanted to be him growing up. I met the other cast members. James Doohan, Scotty, was by far the most entertaining, and I met him on the campus of UTSA, when I was still in high school, right after the release of Star Trek 4 the voyage home. OMG, I was literally transported, getting to talk to him up close and personal.


I have written fanfiction. I have sent scripts to paramount hoping to be a part of it. I know that I am not the only person who has been profoundly impacted by Star Trek. Technically, Cosplay would likely not exist if it weren't for some hard core Trek fans who showed up in costume at those first conventions. If there has been one constant in my life, it has been Trek. There is a movie called "Free Enterprise" which is about Trek but references more sci fi than any movie I know of, and again, I see that and I think, 'yeah, they made me a character in a movie.'


I have not seen a documentary on McCoy, DeForrest Kelley. Or James Doohan.  I would like to see those made. Granted, Spock had huge impact. And clearly many didn't get him, or there wouldn't have been a concerted effort by the studio execs to kill Spock, change Spock, get rid of Spock. Rodenberry stuck to his guns, and held onto Spock, and Nimoy brought him to life and helped create the Spock culture that we have today.


And, here I am, again thinking about Spock. You know those stories of when people who had near death experiences and they come back and report meeting family members? I wonder if I will meet Spock or McCoy. Isn't that interesting? Very telling. I have no family I am expecting or wanting to meet, and so if I crossed over and there was anyone there other than Kelley or Nimoy, I will be like, "can I go back?" Do you realize just how many people probably have a request in for that? I am not family, I am not friend, I am just one of the many influenced by an icon in my own time. When I met Doohan, he was so incredibly personable that I felt like I was with a grandfather figure. I wanted more time with him. Shatner, not so personable. I still like my idea of him.


Anyway, thinking about Spock, writing about Spock. And that's all I got. If you got something on Spock, or Trek, and want to share, I would love to hear it.