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Blog Post created by John Ege Employee on Feb 20, 2017

Loren Eisely, original author of "the Star Thrower" once wrote a bit of prose talking about "the Great Silence" this impenetrable void of loneliness experienced by human kind, and how we desperately seek to discover a non-human intelligence that is as deep and profound as ourselves. In this prose, he proposed dolphins being the closest in rival intelligence that might break through the barrier, propelling us out of the Great Silence into an era of heighten interconnectedness, connecting souls like stars, and I am being absurdly liberal and poetic with what I think he was attempting communicate.

But as I write this, I am not feeling poets, but rather pessimistic. Not that Other isn't out there, or that humanity might not discover it in my life time, but that I fear we are so perversely locked into ourselves that we can't access anything outside of the filters we have installed, even if it was staring us right in the face. Evidence for this goes beyond the 'Gorilla' experiment, where a gorilla could prance across a live street or a stage and no one on the street or in the audience would see the gorilla. This is a real phenomena that you can google if you don’t believe me. There are lots of examples of that sort of thing, and I am not even describing misdirection, but a magician can certain fool our eyes, even when we know it’s a trick!  But another example, for me, is the Mars Rock mystery. A while back someone found a Mars rock which seemed to have fossilized evidence of Martian life. Notice, I am not saying they found actual Martian life. They could have just found something that occurs in nature that resembles evidence of life. If you don't know about this rock, that would add weight to my theory we hear what we want hear. But I include the Mars rock for a different reason. For those paying attention to these sorts of things, a very peculiar incident happened. President Clinton gave an impromptu speech on the White House Lawn to a dozen or so reporters, and spoke about the possibility of non-terrestrial, non-Earthly, biological life in outer space, and that maybe we were not alone, and what a significant impact this would be in history and on us. You don't have to take my word on it. Google President Clinton, alien life speech, Mars rock, and you will find a youtube video on it. Here's what I find perverse. The President of the United State basically said we might not be alone in the Universe on prime time television. Do you know what the first question was? The reporter who chimed in asked about Clinton opinions about the senate debate on abortion rights. Excuse me? Were you so caught up in your personal agenda that you didn't hear what the President just said?

Since Roswell, a growing segment of society as woven conspiracy theories into her dialectic, and in recent years that has been incredible pressure on the government to come clean about aliens. Again, not arguing that there are aliens, right? Just noting that a large majority of people claim they believe and that the government knows something, and given Scifi what it is today, I bet the world’s population is not going to run in panic. I mean, really, where are you going to run to? Every President since Ford has tried to talk about aliens, but it was either shut down, or just laughed off. I almost imagine Clinton being advised not to do the speech, not because the men in black would take him out or prevent it, but because, "No one will hear you." Ronald Reagan spoke to the United Nations saying, and I am again paraphrasing, "Maybe humanity needs an alien presence to get us on the same page and cooperating with each other." Both Clinton and Obama have been interviewed on television and have discussed the possibility of aliens, and the conversations seem bizarre to me, playful like they are joking, and at the same time, not joking, as if allowing for plausible deniability.

Okay, so, what's the point? Why I am writing about this. Well, because I witnessed something. I am not saying its aliens. I was not alone in witnessing said event and there was no alcohol involved. When one says they witnessed something, one tends to have to put it in context, as if I were expecting to hit a wall. So far, I haven't hit a wall; I have hit a void! There are all sorts of UFO advocates you can google, and none seem interested in responding to what we witnessed. The local news didn't pick it up. And I am iterating here, I am not arguing for aliens. It's probably human and mundane, but out of the ordinary for me and my friends. In terms of intensity, length of time, proximity, and the potential for this being as big a sighting as the Phoenix lights were, I don’t understand why this isn’t like viral. But, life goes on. I know the others neighbors saw me and my next door neighbors out watching the event. The continued on with their life, not even curious about what we were watching. It’s almost as if in order to be heard you have to shout, and by the time you’re shouting loud enough to draw attention, people think you’re mad, crazy mad and angry mad, and for me it’s certainly not worth that sort of drama.

It’s not what men see that drive us mad, it’s the lack of ability to effectively communicate our experiences to others and remain connected. It’s the lack of an intelligent response. Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised we can’t find Others out there; most the time, we can’t even find another right here.

I was going to end this, but that would be a terrible tease, right. If you want to know what my neighbors and I witnessed, feel free to read on. If not, well, it’s okay.

Fellow human,



Feb 17, 2017, at approximately 8:40pm (20:40 central) I became aware of a particular light in the sky. It was significant in size and brilliance, and radiated in a star beams. From my location in Irving, I was facing west, and though I assumed it could be an airplane, as DFW airport is right there; this was not that, it didn’t behave like I was accustomed. This was not an aircraft on final approach. That was not the active runways; I happen to know traffic was landing from the north and taking off to the south. I invited my neighbors to come out and witness said event. Oh, and then I grabbed my phone and proceeded to try and capture it, because, you know, who doesn’t want to join the ranks of people making crappy phone videos of strange lights in the skies and being ridiculed. Sign me up for that.

But I was curious. I was also excited and wanted to see something dramatic. And capture that! I mean, who wouldn’t, right? In the video, you will hear my neighbors joke about running away to Utah, or if this were the invasion we’re like toast… I am sure that’s just uncomfortable fear and musing. One of my neighbors echoed my sentiment, if it was aliens and they wanted humanity dead, well, we’d be dead, and we wouldn’t see them coming.

And I am certainly not saying this is aliens. Let’s be clear on that. I don’t know what it was. I can only report what I witnessed. And so, here is this light. Additionally, there were probably a dozen helicopters orbiting this object. You can clearly see helicopters going past the object, behind the object, and one went over head. Okay, so what, you may say. Well, if they were police helicopters, looking for say a bank robber, wouldn’t they have their search lights on? Wouldn’t they be like lighting the ground up, helping the ground crews to net up hypothetical bad guy? I am just saying. I am trying to make logical sense out of this thing we are seeing. Surely, my neighbors and I aren’t the only witness. This is huge. And if, hypothetically, you lean towards explanations from the paranormal kind, well, do helicopters chase ghosts?

I have been asked to speculate. I don’t want to. Oh, that so doesn’t mean I don’t have preferences or wants. Anyone who knows me will tell you, I am definitely in the “I believe life is prevalent throughout the universe” camp. I mean, scientifically speaking, if life developed here, through natural means, it’s going to happen elsewhere. I have never seen one thing in nature. In fact, science hates ‘one thing phenomena” to the point, if you can’t reproduce said thing, “it didn’t happen,” which technically means we didn’t happen, I am not here, you’re not reading this, by that logic, but since we are in agreement that we did happen, well, that’s the conundrum, right?

This event didn’t end with a bang, or sudden right hand turns, or object vanishing leaving fading light trail into the heavens. I so wanted that! Believe me, when you see something that doesn’t seem mundane, you want Hollywood production level amazement. I wonder if that’s a problem. We are all so caught up looking for amazing that we miss the sacred right in front of us, that surrounds us daily. I am a retired airline employee; I have 24 years of experience watching aircraft come and go. I am confident this was not that. I am a counselor in the mental health field, and I am fairly confident I am reasonably well adjusted. I am willing to hedge my bets on that last one and allow others to judge. I can say I am human.

How did the event end? The object lowered in altitude and proceeded west, diminishing in intensity due to distance. If it were an aircraft that suddenly banked away, the landing lights would have gone off. Several of us decided to follow as the object departed, taking the helicopters with them.

If you want to take a look at said object, the link is at the bottom. I uploaded several to youtube, thinking if I do share, friend are going to want access, and so I am not just going to send it to phone to phone. I am okay if you share the link. Feel free to share this report, which either adds evidence to something reasonably interesting, even if the video is boring, or evidence that maybe my grounding in reality is not so strong. And I am okay if you lean that way, too, because, and quite frankly, reality is over rated.