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quiet worlds

Blog Post created by John Ege Employee on Apr 18, 2017

It seems like the Relias world is quiet. Not as many updates as late. No new book? And then I am thinking, all the worlds are a bit 'quiet' of late. I haven't even posted a blog. Did you know people have discovered another earth size planet, and the first one that it's been confirmed to have an atmosphere? That's exciting. And it's a close planet, relatively speaking; only 39 light years away, which means the spaceship Avalon could reach it, only, I hope I am not the one that gets woken due to the accident, because we'd all die. (I am referencing the movie 'Passengers' if you didn't get it. And hypothetically, let's say I did wake up, and you were on the ship: would you want me to wake you up? (And if I was going to wake someone up, wouldn't you think I would go over the crew manifest and find like an engineer type who could fix the ship? Just saying. ( And, if the hibernation chambers never malfunctioned, why was the crew chambers separated and so well locked? (But over all, I actually thought the movie was okay, and I rarely just say, okay.)))) 

And last week, NASA upgraded the possibility of finding life to water planets, and moons around gas giants that have water, due to the fact that Saturn as a moon with 'habitable' ocean underneath a sheet of ice. Do you suppose this slow, dribble of information is leading us ever closer to, 'oh, and by the way, we are not alone in the universe'? I am always kind of annoyed with NASA press releases. Why announce that you're going to give a press release at the end of the week, get our hopes up that this is the one, and then just gives us the standard line, "Nothing to see here, folks. Move Along. These aren't the Droids your looking for." Ugh! I mean, really, couldn't they just came out at the end of the week and said, by the way, folks... as opposed to telling us at the beginning of the week, at the end of the week we're going to tell you nothing more than we're telling you now.

Do know what really perturbs me about all these new planets. How much do you suppose telescopes and satellite and our general tech have improved I the last twenty years? I imagine there has been great improvement in some tech, I mean, there was a time before cell phones, and now we all have cell phones, but have telescopes and space probes improved that much? If NASA's budget crunch is the explanation for not having more moon missions, or no shuttle, then I would assume they are still using out date tech. Consider that when the last shuttle mission flew, it was basically flying with the equivalent of the original apple home computer, and the astronauts probably had cellphones that were outperforming their ship computer.

Aw, well, that's all I have. Nothing new. It's quiet. I do wish I had my own radio telescope. I would like to listen to the Universe. If only I was as smart as Tesla, maybe I could build my own, or maybe just pick up mental signals from the Alpha Centurions... How far away do you suppose we are from Lost In Space technology?


If you had a choice between "Stargate" SG1, or a saucer like Lost in Space, which one would you want?