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The following is not my writing, but an article about four soldiers from WW1 that had a paranormal experience, supposedly corroborated by thousands of witnesses, and the testimonials gathered by the Red Cross that was brought into open a dialogue between the warring nations was likely what kept many soldiers from being executed for refusing to fight. I would love to see the original letters, and wonder why we don't hear more stories like this. This would make a better story than saving private ryan.

Oh, because we can't tell stories that might have men deciding not to fight. War, what's it good for?


“One of the most arresting paranormal experiences on military record which occurred in Europe at 10:30 P.M on November 14, 1915, was witnessed by French, German, Russian, Italian and British troops.


On November 14, 1915 at 22:30 hours, a massive paranormal event occurred over European WW1 Theatre. It was witnessed by thousands of soldiers in many different locations. Following is the story of four soldiers, Sergeant Vy, Private Marsee, Private Lacoste, and Private Mollene who faced execution for abandonment of post.


These four French soldiers were on a mission to destroy a German mortar site in 1915. At about 10:30pm, they started to see a light in the sky that they thought at first was a flare on a parachute, until they realized that it was motionless. The soldiers watched for awhile and then three of them put down their rifles and returned to their own lines.


It was this light over the whole battlefield theatre that caused everyone to just stop fighting, many simply walked off the battlefield—unharmed. They didn’t run and they were not fired upon. The French placed calls to their enemy to stay their enemy’s execution of soldiers who were affected by the light.


These four men in particular were subject to a court martial and if found guilty, they were to be shot. The strange light made each of the four men so happy, that they were transported into another state of consciousness. One mentioned feeling so much a part of everything that he wanted to continue that way for a hundred years.


To another of the group, the icy November air became warm and perfumed with incense, jasmine and tangerine, and he felt the exaltation of an all embracing love. Still another heard rapturous singing that made him turn to follow it. None of these four men were cowards. One of the accused, Sergeant Vaille, had previously been decorated with the croix-de-guerre for bravery.


Their officer’s obviously did not believe a word of this and the men were subjected to a court martial. All four were found guilty and sentenced to death by firing squad.


While awaiting execution, corroborating details about the light and effects upon other military troops started to compile. The areas reporting, came from a British mortar unit in Flanders, a Russian sentry on the Eastern front, an Italian infantry unit, and also a German unit engaged in battle with the same French group from which the four soldiers came.


It finally turned out that many combatants had seen the phenomenon of an amazing light that appeared in the sky and that gave to all who saw it such an intense vision of happiness that, in a kind of trance state, they let their guns fall as meaningless and insignificant objects, and turned their backs on slaughtering each other, and each group of men walking back to his own lines.


The Red Cross was instrumental in relaying this evidence between enemy forces, this corroboration of testimony by thousands prevented the execution of the four French soldiers and also prevented German soldiers from being shot by firing squad. The final tally of corroborated evidence was of 1,000 men who had ‘seen’ something in the sky or ‘sensed’ something and for a while, refused to kill other people.


If anyone comes across the military records on this one, please let me know, as I would like to see them and place them in my archives.


– Volubrjotr