John Ege

Why Fear

Blog Post created by John Ege Employee on May 3, 2017
So, yesterday, while listening to one of my preferred youtube channels, relating to aliens and conspiracies, the host of the channel reportedly quoted a NASA spokesman who was answering questions in regards to the 'watery moons' press conference that was given a couple weeks ago. I am going to summarize the quote, not do it verbatim: "Why do you keep thinking NASA is going disclose aliens. We are never going to disclose aliens. If aliens show up, there won't be time for a disclosure. You will see a blinding white light and then nothing because you will cease to exist. If you knew what we knew, you would not sleep at night. We are like children. The aliens are the adults, and when they show up, it is game over for us. Be careful what you wish for."
It's ominous. It's scary. It even mirrors Stephen Hawkings predictions and warnings about aliens. He swears if they exist they will be marauder type creatures who will come and gut the Earth for resources and kill humanity in the process. This pretty much exemplifies Hollywood's version of aliens. Humans are at war with aliens. How could it be any other way? We are at war with everything. War on drugs, war on poverty, war on nature, war on terror, war, war, war, war... War! What's it good for? Absolutely nothing.
In the referenced speech, the NASA spokeman used the words ‘adults’ to describe aliens. He was using it metaphorically, I get that, but even in that metaphor, why don't we conclude that 'adult' means the ideal parent type? “Yeah, I am superior in knowledge and technology and I see your primitive culture as it is, as we were, and I do not judge or condemn, and I can help, but to best help you is to help you help yourselves.” I mean, seriously, if an alien species is capable of interstellar travel, they are not wanting for resources. Resources increase with every advance in technology. The fact that humans have poorly managed resources and technology is just evidence of our mental and emotional age, not evidence for scarcity. In the 70's we experienced an 'oil crisis.' There was actually an oil crisis pior to the 70’s; in the 1800s, when the whalers believed they would drive whales to extinction and when the last whale was killed, the textile plants would come to end, and society would end. It didn't. We discovered petroleum. In the 1970's, we thought we were running out of petroleum, but guess what, we invented tech which found deeper reserves, and tech to get to the reserves, and tech that increased the efficiency of the machines that used the petroleum so that we could extend what we have... Is there a limit to that tech and to the oil supply? Sure. But the assumption is, there is also a better tech available that will make petroleum obsolete, and there is lots of speculation that that tech already exists, but due to the way humans organize finances around the regimes such as the oil industry, the power players involved aren't going to allow alternative sources to exist ‘yet.’ You only have to read a casual glance at Tesla's proposal to provide free energy and see how Edison sabotaged that in order to create a regime of selling 'electricity.' Texas, prior to the state legislature 'de-regulating' energy had the cheapest rates of electricity in the nation, and we were selling our electricity to five other states. After de-regulation, electric rates went up, and we began buying from other states. The legislature sold 'de-regulation' on the guise it would help the consumer. How did raising the rates and not selling to other states help the consumer? (More, when the opposite proved to be true, which was consistent for all the other states that de-regulated their energy, why didn’t we immediately go back to regulating?!)
Is that a conspiracy? Probably not. It's just men distributing 'money' and ‘power.’ But assume for a moment, there is this power to control and milk the population and the earth for material goods. (It’s not aliens, it’s us!) Now imagine a superior species that comes and says, 'there is a better way.' And lets say this way minimizes tech footprint so that human and nature can coexist peacefully, because in truth, humans are part of a natural system and if the system is destroyed, so are the humans. There was real concern when the bees started dying off, because it is predicted that four years after the last bee dies, so goes man. Anyway, when smart aliens and smart tech show up, is it an end to man kind? Not likely. Will it be an end to the regimes and nations that hoard and conspire and control and create wars and fears and keep us from working together? Yeah. And good riddance.
You know why we have progressive taxes? Sometime in the 1940's someone speculated that if the American Public, which was growing in wealth, paid off their homes and their cars, they would cease to work and participate in the market forces and the economy would collapse. So, to keep people from ever truly owning property, they implemented taxes that would force people to continue a minimum level of work to maintain the system. (Want to keep people locked in fear, don’t let them gain ground by owning property. Go team.) These sages that influenced legislature to impose more taxes didn't anticipate a product rich environment of commodities from games to DVD's. (Or, maybe they did, but wanted more control over populations.) Guess what, we're on the floor of the next revolution, and if you count the number of Malls that are closing, you can see it coming. Home delivery is killing malls. Even Macy is going to close. That's huge. It's not the end of the world. Just the mark of a different world. (Can't really say 'new' world because that freaks people out, too. But who does it really freak out? The people stuck in an economic frame of mind. People who want to get ‘theirs’ before the getting is done. And getting is coming to a close. When automation improves to the point 90 percent of the work force is redundant, people will be obsolete. Our financial system will require a do-over!) There is another component to this change in market. Robotics and 3D printers. A time is coming when you will have a 3D printer in your home, and if you need a product, you push a button and it prints it, and it can be anything from a hammer to clothes, and when you no longer need the item, you can recycle the it and use the material to make something else you need. Good by Home Delivery services. They will go the way of the mall.
And it you consider that this is actually something we have right now, that we're only in the stages of improving it, then you can absolutely image that an alien species that is traveling between the stars has this technology. They don't need to destroy us to get more stuff. That is so us. That is projection. We have been too long in this mindset of competition that we forget that we were originally not about fear, but about love. Yes, we were 'love' before 'fear.' Most people don't know this, but Darwin did not coin the phrase "Survival of the Fittest." That was someone misusing his theory. And before Dawrin died, he updated his theory to an equation of love. Humans were superior, not in thought, not in body, but in their capacity to love and nurture; to care for each other and the world. We were different from 'nature' in that we don't use claws to fight, or have armored skin or thick fur to protect ourselves from claws, or outrageous teeth to kill prey, not because we were an accidental reject from nature, but because nature wanted to amplify love. The fact that we have misunderstood the message and pushed competition and fear as the only way of life is indicative of our society, not an absolute way of being. Why fear? It's easier. But we can love. We have four brains. The first is the heart. Its only purpose is to push love, to shine. The next brain is the reptile brain. It may have led us out of the proverbial garden in terms of evolutionary needs, but it still caries a heart first. The monkey brain came next, just adding a layer of complexity to organization, and it turned 'snakes' and 'birds' into 'dragons.’ And then the 'superior' brain emerged. Superior in terms of position, not in authority or power. Synergistically speaking, all four brains work best when in cooperation.
Have you heard of multiple personalities. It's called DID now. In the past, the goal was to merge personalities into one super personality. That's war on personalities. The optimum modality, the preferred strategy now, is to increase cooperation between agencies. What an interesting concept! What if we applied that to everything? Cooperation? Love? Why fear? Maybe because there is still too many economical incentives to keep us warring and separated. I am the for the aliens showing up. Or maybe another Tesla that gives us a backyard application that takes every human off the grid. Just saying.