The Christmas Gift

Blog Post created by 4328540 Employee on Jan 24, 2016

"Her eyes said yes, her mouth said no."

I asked my client if I could paint her nails for Christmas and It would be my gift to her. She confessed growing up on a farm, she had only had them painted twice in her whole life! Once was a wedding. Her job in life wouldn't allow such a frivolous luxury. She wasn't sure. Would it be too much trouble? What if she ruined them? Well...maybe. I asked her husband on my way if it would be okay - he said YES!

So of course I went all out. I packed a few neutral beiges and pinks. I chanced one bottle of light purple with sparkles. I was pretty excited. I practically skipped out the door.

As I took off her brace and laid the little bottles out for her to choose she was like a little girl..."OOO pretty! Ooo too bright! Oh, this one!"

I started filing her nails and she was stiff, worried how to hold her hands. I told her to relax, close her eyes and ignore what I was doing. By the 2nd hand she nodded off, sleeping with a smile on her face!

I gently painted, cleaned around the edges and top coated. I added a quick dry spray and then a little lotion. Her hands relaxed, warm. She stirred alittle.

"Ok! Look and see.."

Her eyes sparkled and she waved her hands this way and that in the light...she was so worried she would ruin them by touching them. I showed her they were dry and perfect, no worries. She smiled and laughed and said she loved them. Her smile so sparkly they matched her fingertips. She literally glowed. We basked in the little luxury of having pretty nails.

A big hug and I packed up my bag to go.

And this is why I do what I do. You never know the joy you spread by the smallest act of kindness. Painting nails will never be the same again!"