The Importance of Caregiver Communication

Blog Post created by 4328540 Employee on Feb 10, 2016

My company deals mainly with clients in their homes.


I don't have much contact with other caregivers in my company, at least not in person, and not on a daily basis. Mandatory meetings so far, have been where we all gather together in shifts, so our 24 hr care clients are covered.


When I cover a shift for a 24 hr care client, sometimes a brief conversation with the caregiver leaving is allowed if the client is resting. We will whisper how our client is, his or her needs immediate, and how the day overall has been. Sometimes there are tears. Or hugs. Or a pat on the shoulder.


I also work for an openly Christian company. We are a gentle company. I like that.


I have prayed with other caregivers. I have prayed with our clients. I pray always FOR our clients.


The value of knowing the other caregivers in my company is important! It is nice to know faces with names seen in the care books. It's important to forge relationships with co-workers to jointly offer encouragement for those "tougher" clients.


It's important NOT to bash our clients, but to encourage each other in this job.


Some days are tough.


Some situations seem IMPOSSIBLE.


But God CAN.


He does.


We need to also praise those amazing moments that come. Sometimes, those moments are experienced only by me and the client. While joyful, and inner praise and thanks be to God are given, there is something to be said for corporate praise.


We are not called to be lone rangers in this job.


I value corporate training days.


I value time with my co-workers.


I value my company.