We Are All Storytellers

Blog Post created by 4328540 Employee on Mar 17, 2016

We all tell stories.


Whether the caregiver, the appointment scheduler, the in-take nurse, or the client.


Words tie us together and create a connection.


No one is immune.


The wisdom found later in life is not meant to die with the wisdom holder. Some of the wisdom leaks out. It is precious. It is sometimes unrecognized.


Perspective is relative. We've all heard that phrase. But have you pondered it?


What I see through my eyes in a situation may be different from what you see with your eyes. Yet, our perspectives about something can shape how we relate the experience in our lives.


I may not agree with your perspective or your story. But your words will ultimately reflect my own story.


Human connection is a powerful, powerful thing!


Without it we would die. Without stories we wouldn't connect, we wouldn't empathize, we wouldn't reach out to our fellow humans and make a difference.


Are you telling YOUR story?!