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The Investment and Benefits; A Peek into the Life of a Caregiver by the Crafty Caregiver


“She was a cheerleader in high school!” he announces with a twinkle in his eye.


Feigning shock that he would reveal such a “thing” about her past she quickly defends herself,

“Not like the cheerleaders today, of course! We yelled, ‘DEFENSE!’ and ‘RUN!’ and helped the guys with motivation when the games got tough. We had songs and raised our hands high. We didn’t wear uniforms or even had pom-poms. I didn’t have pom-poms back then did I?” she asks her husband.


“I bet you were a cute cheerleader regardless, and how wonderful you two knew each other through the high school years,” I marveled out loud.


“Oh even longer than that,” she remembers, “we knew each other in grade school. He had no time for girls though. He played football and was into his sports. He was very smart.”


She smiles as she remembers him dashing up and down the football field and her mood brightens instantly.


And I catch his smile as he goes off into his study thinking about his cheerleader while we “girls” continue with our morning routine.


Being a caregiver allows a peek into people’s lives. The privilege of this view is one to be handled carefully, because not everyone remembers their past with smiles. Being aware of how memories affects our clients is crucial to the well being of the relationship.


The best caregiving is the plain and simple interest we present to our clients when they share, whether good or bad, and engage with them in their memories. Many times, they just want to be heard. They just want to share. And they value ears to hear what they have to say.


I have learned about farming, nursing, baseball and track events in college. I have learned about the loss of dreams, growing up in an orphanage, painful divorce and even the experience of losing a child early in life. These are not my life experiences. They are the experiences of the clients I have walked alongside as our relationships grow. It is an ever changing, evolving dance of life. Processing their life experiences, enhances my own life experience. It connects me to the past, and yet, gives me a bit of wisdom for MY future. I don’t always understand or even fully comprehend their stories, but I can offer my ears and listen.


Caregiving has many benefits that are unearthed slowly as the caregiver really digs in and invests in clients’ lives.


We are more than just a pair of hands to wash dishes, sometimes we are a shoulder to cry on. Or, we are another person to connect with and share a happy, joyful moment together. Both instances are something sitting behind a desk, selling merchandise or managing a store will never offer like this profession.


Does this sound like you? Are you ready for benefits that you can’t even describe or put into words? Are you willing to invest in another person? If so, give caregiving a try! You too may find life’s pearls, rubies and precious diamonds are in the lives of those that have lived fully and are willing to share them with YOU too!