Blog Post created by 4334301 Employee on Jan 8, 2016

So I have been a CNA for about 6 months. I have always been told that no matter what career field I go into I will find someone who is difficult to work with. I work the grave yard shift... by myself... I have 15 people with 1/2 of them being 2 person assist. I have to change them 2x a night with no help. I'm not complaining about my residents because I love them all but when I have to change everyone 2x then get 2 of them up, I feel like morning shift shouldn't come in an instantly complain. From 5 am to 6:45 when I get up I am getting those 2 people up because they are both completely dependent. So when I change my last person and run to get up my first resident up after that point I have to be completely focused of them until a call light goes off and then I have to run and get that, NONE of the morning shift has EVER worked an overnight and I feel like they cant complain because the get 3 people and the nurse. 98% of the time I cant even find my nurse. Plus they like to wait to come in until after 7 and if they worked graveyard they would know that at 6:45 I'm tired and sore...



Sorry this was my ranting blog lol