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Blog Post created by 4445236 Employee on Oct 13, 2015

Hello,  this is my first blog session and I'm very excited to have an outlet. Just a quick question for the soul. If a person should be fortunate enough to reach old age, can you then eat unhealthy or more tasteful foods?? I mean, the inevitable is closer than ever before, so does it matter to eat healthy now? Or go with my taste buds and add a little more butter on my potatoes and add seasoned salt on my fries! Since I am a dietary aid worker, I get to prepare meals for elderly and wonder, how would I like these prepared meals when I am older??? Currently I am in my thirties and eat very unhealthy, but I am happy! Am I wrong? Will I reach old age eating the way I do? Or will my eating habits prevent me from getting old? I guess what I am asking is, Can the elderly have more tasteful foods even if it may be unhealthy??? I mean, I prepare some meals and even taste test them; and some meals are just nasty without seasonings. Am I wrong? Look, I know about procedure; calories and blood pressure, and starches causing unhealthy outcomes, but hey, haven't I made it far enough to enjoy my last meals??? I'm just saying...... Please comment!! More flavorful, enjoyable meals or continue the normal strict diet??