Mild Winter Weather

Blog Post created by 4900736 Employee on Mar 25, 2017

It seems, lately, that whenever I talk to people, they always comment on just how mild this winter weather has been.  I am not saying that these people were disappointed, rather, just the opposite. But, having a winter such as this one was, may not bode well with the upcoming summer.  A mild winter, without much snow, and a spring without much rain, may leave us high and dry, come summer.  What I mean to say is that not all good is dandy.  I have not liked the common belief about "global warming" but maybe there is something to that idea.  Being uncertain of the cause of global warming, I have hesitated to put much stock into such a belief.  However, these last few years have caused me to alter my perspective on such a world view.  I am not saying I believe completely in this "global warming" view but I am not going to toss the idea from my mind.  Rather, I am going to continue to ponder this view point in the years to come.