The importance of skill acquisition

Blog Post created by 4901314 Administrator on Jun 17, 2016

I am going to be discussing this in a lot more detail later, but I wanted to leave a brief note here now while I'm thinking about it. A lot of the courses and materials that we assign people to "learn" in Relias are high-level overviews. Abstract, conceptual knowledge. Students who take these classes have a basic understanding of what a thing does, but not necessarily an in-the-weeds, nuts-and-bolts understanding of how to do that thing. For example, I can sit a teenager down in a front of YouTube and have them watch a video on the principles of driving a car. But that doesn't mean that I'd be comfortable handing over the keys just yet because there are gaps in skill. The same is true with many of the Relias courses. Something to keep in mind.