What a day!

Blog Post created by 5048995 Administrator on Mar 15, 2016

First I woke up with a headache, then while driving to work ran into some THICK fog, then we had careplan meeting. Meanwhile I had no breakfast (due to the headache) and was simply going on my coffee, and my stomach was starting to protest.  Then we had morning meeting, GEMBA, and the giant stack of labs to go through. Then before I knew it my interview was there (that I had completely forgotten about) by this time it was 11:00 and I still had not eaten.  Interview, tour, and job offer completed, oh wait what is that but another meeting just as I was getting ready to call and order myself something to eat. An hour later and this meeting is over, still have a stack of work to do and still nothing but some coffee and now Pepsi in my stomach. Then my saving light activities made popcorn and is passing it out...never knew someone can be so thankful for a small bag of popcorn! Now I sit waiting for my supper to finish cooking and can only think in the morning 'I will eat breakfast no matter what!'