Time Traveling on Mother's Day

Blog Post created by 5263543 Employee on May 11, 2015

Woke up on Mother's Day in a melancholy mood, and after enjoying my coffee on the back deck watching the rest of the world slowly wake up, I set out to try to improve my mood and frame of mind.  My mom, grandmothers and aunts have all passed. It's been a half decade since I've brought out the old family photographs. You see, as the youngest of my generation, I have inherited ALL the family momentos and they reside in seven large Rubbermaid totes in my storage closet.  On this day, the spirits moved me in the direction of dragging all those totes out and culling through them.  In about five hours, I only opened and completely sorted two of the seven.


In that five hours, I visited the late 1800s through the early 2000s. There were the happy pictures of births, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, family vacations, outings and reunions. The more solemn times of the men in their uniforms serving in the armed forces from WWI through Vietnam. There were numerous photos of past Mother's Days which in our house always started with Dad making EVERYONE breakfast and all the kids would present their gifts to Mom and Nanie and Mamie. We were big on the homemade, crafty items. My Mom cherished all those gifts, which I didn't realize until I found her stash upon her passing. She had a secret drawer filled with our cards and just about every handmade item we had given her.  How I laughed when I even found the macaroni covered can that I filled with her favorite pens--the pens long gone, but the can stood strong. We all truly tried to make her feel as special on Mother's Day as she did us each and every day.  I sure felt like yesterday my Mom, grandmothers and aunts were all with me and I believe they take turns watching over me, but yesterday they ALL were there.  While the tears flowed for a bit, I felt calmer and happier afterwards.


I hope you too enjoyed your Mother's Day and made some memories for future time travelers!