A Special Farewell:  My path diverges....for now.

Blog Post created by 5325712 Employee on Sep 21, 2017

Dear Friends, Colleagues, Dynamic People- upward mobile.  It has been fun to be part of this community sharing our experiences and encouraging one another.  I often wondered why there were so many people stuck on a point level who were inactive.  Well, I think I understand now.  The fantastic company whom I have had the privilege of working for and who invested in continuing education and mandatory training  will no longer be providing service in my hometown.  So, alas -I will probably no longer have access to this Relias Connect community of friends.  I would like to thank you, I have felt encouraged by your honest stories, I have felt inspired by your enthusiasm when sharing your passion professionally or personally.  I have been enthused by your helpfulness to one another. We began as strangers and became friends.

Please know, that  I cheer you on as you strive to give your best to the people who share your path.  I have noticed that people come into our lives for different amounts of time. Some long term like family members, some friends, some passer-byers...none the less we occupy the same road and then go on with our own personal road, sometimes to cross paths again. 


Your friend, colleague, and fellow sojourner, continue growing, giving, learning and take care of you also.