I'm having thyroid surgery tomorrow, either half out or the whole thing. Wish me luck.

Blog Post created by 5342961 Employee on Nov 29, 2016

I'm a Registered Nurse and rather be standing next to the bed than in it. Not gonna lie, I'm very very very nervous. I have 3+ inch nodule (tumor) on my thyroid. If it's all benign they will take out the side with the nodule(s), if it's not they will take out the entire thyroid. I have a couple of cousins that have had thyroidectomy, but they aren't me. I'm worried about the scar on my neck, plus who wants their neck cut open?  I'm worried about being put to sleep. I'm worried if its cancerous, I'm worried about thyroid hormones and God hormone problems!!!Yikes!  I'm also worried about my Mom who is elderly and I help take care of my step-dad who's had numerous strokes but is still at home. They need me! I don't want anything to happen to me. I'm trying to be positive.....really trying.

So its here, tomorrow, no backing out. All my family and friends are praying.


Gotta be positive.

I'm gonna post here and my Facebook as a take this mini-detour in my life.

If you don't mind, say a prayer for me!


The Journey Begins, Gina#