Seasonal Disorders - Cloudy Weather

Blog Post created by 5896315 Employee on Sep 28, 2016

It's late September and the nights are getting colder and the days are getting shorter (or it seems that way). On any, rainy, cloudy, cold, snowy day it is easy to settle in and not be active. I am a runner and because of my commute and work hours I find it hard to find time to run. I despise running on a treadmill. I make time to run even if it is in the dark (don't worry I wear reflective gear). I believe many people suffer from a mild form of seasonal depression but don't recognize it. At this time of the year in New England it is important to keep active. You don't have to be a runner; I think it is just important that you do some sort of activity and keep up with your social calendar. The worse thing you can do this time of year is to isolate yourself and become less active. So this weekend I am running in a 5K and it will probably be cold and rainy, but I know I will feel good just being a participant. Apple picking is next on my list and I am looking forward to all the changes the seasons have to bring. I often have to push myself but taking that first step is the most important one. Enjoy the Fall! :-) depression fall mood disorders