Three months in!

Blog Post created by 5896315 Employee on Oct 21, 2016

Hi, I thought I should update my blog as my 90 day anniversary is coming up at my new job. I have to say I love the people I work with and have learned a great deal in three months. I hope to be more of a contributor in the future. As with any new job it takes time to build working relationships and trust. A while back I worked for another health insurer for almost seven years. During my time at my old company I developed several great working relationships and friends. In some instances I was involved directly in processes that would shape the companies strategy and future business. I was laid off at the end of 2008; it was a direct response to the economy and the decline in enrollment and profits at the company. I hope our economy gets better and my company does well and I am once again in a position to be a direct contributor.