Happy Cino de Mayo..Trivia

Blog Post created by 5896315 Employee on May 5, 2017


Just an interesting fact I thought would share on this rainy Friday.

Hint: It has nothing to do with Mexican Independence Day.

Cinco de Mayo honors the anniversary of the May 5, 1862 Battle of Puebla. The clash, which took place during the French-Mexican war, featured a vastly outnumbered Mexican army and their unlikely victory over Napoleon III's troops. Think of it as the Mexican Agincourt.

The battle, pitting 2,000 Mexican troops against 6,000 French, commenced on May 5 and lasted from daybreak through the evening. After realizing that nearly 500 French soldiers died while less than 100 Mexican troops had been lost, the French withdrew their army and retreated. It was the beginning of a series of battles that would eventually lead to the full evacuation of the French from Mexico six years later.

While the victory is still celebrated in Puebla, it’s far from the national holiday American merchandisers would have us believe. That would be the actual Mexican Independence Day, Sept. 16.

This nation-wide holiday celebrates Mexico’s independence from Spain and it’s recognition as a sovereign state. Mexicans celebrate the holiday with fireworks, music, dancing and colorful decorations in green, white and red; the colors of the Mexican flag.