Ask and Ye Shall Receive...an Education!

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Some time ago I managed an apartment complex.  There were one and two bedroom units available and the occupancy rate was amenable.  When a prospective tenant came in to ask about a one bedroom unit I would show them what was available and share the details regarding a lease.  If someone came in looking for a two bedroom unit I would follow the same steps.  Rarely was I ever asked about the differences in the units regarding size or cost.  The irony is that there was approximately 150 additional square feet in the two bedroom unit but only a ten dollar increase in the monthly financial commitment.

The same is true in other scenarios, for instance ~ mortgages. A 15 year term may be only slightly higher month-to-month than the traditional 30 year setup; but if you do not ask about this you will not know how close the margin is and be able to capitalize on it.

The area where I see the gap created by a lack of information most lately is in higher education.  I have talked with several clients seeking a return to higher education who see community college as their only option.  They are not asking about University admissions processes and financial aid options.  It would seem that they see the University as being cost prohibitive and the admissions process as being too rigid or difficult. For a few this may be true, but for most students this is a fallacy.  Asking about the admissions process and financial aid offers clarity around how to return to the educational arena (or begin the journey) at the University level.  Simply put, the same grants that are offered at community colleges are also offered at Universities.  In fact, Universities often have additional funding pools from which to draw from in support of the students. Add to this basic truth the fact that the staff in admissions and financial aid know how to assist their students closer to entry and overall affordability.

Knowing your options matter, you just have to ask what they are. It begins with a few anonymous phone calls and a bit of courage. However, with diligence it likely follows with increased opportunity  and ends with a degree that will garner success in life.  


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