Dynamic Content Development 

Blog Post created by 6248080 Administrator on Jan 20, 2017

When reviewing the materials created for the eLearning platform I find that most modules have a static delivery set up.  Mind you that it is evolved beyond the typical power point video that is seen in many places. However, I have utilized and developed dynamic content that engages the learner with interactive gaming and comic delivery.  Studies have shown that when using Dynamic Content the learner retains 20% more after one week and 15% more after 30 days.  This is on top of the standard retention percentages.

And let's face it, who actually talks about the eLearning they completed after without lodging a complaint?  How many employees have you interacted with that were looking forward to their next required training experience?  These questions represent the gap that is missed when dynamic content is not utilized.

Answer?  Get dynamic when authoring content.  Here are a few ways to accomplish this with consideration for user skill levels:


Video   Who among you has not watched a video either on YouTube or Facebook lately?  Likely the number who did not is considerably smaller than that of those who have as indicated by the report from mediakix.com.  In the article it is stated that 1.71 billion users were viewing videos and live feed on Facebook in 2016, and that among the 1.71 billion, 8 billion daily views for video occurred.  These statistics are proof that the use of video is of high value to developing dynamic content.  You can add hyperlinks to your content using an image file as opposed to having a bulleted link in your PowerPoint slide, and it still leads to external videos.  Try this for example, double click on Kermit and the link will open or the option will display depending on your system:




Imagery The use and placement of images has an impact on the message we are sending.  Think about this: do you actually know the phone number to five of your friends from memory?  Likely you fall into a place like me where you can recall the number to your home when you still lived with your parents, pre-cell phone.  Now I dial by picture most of the time.  On top of that I use memes and emoji when texting to convey my thoughts...these are forms of imagery and many of them are universal.  Consider using image files that convey the central idea of what you are teaching.  For example, if I want to create content that will assist my clinicians during the transition from DSM-IV to DSM 5 I would use images like these:




Interaction   Learners tend to do better when they are given the opportunity to try...Tell me, Show me, Let me is a common way to look at this.  First you are giving them the information, then you show them a video, and then you provide an interactive activity that either tests their understanding and/or allows them to practice the content.  Often this is completed by having checkpoint questions within your content, and these are good.  However, we can do better... with the use of supporting software and a little time we can draft together things like this: Game Demo to Check for Understanding.  This type of activity can exist in multiple locations within your training content; either as independent snippets or as incremental events.  Either way, learners will benefit from the experience and retain more of what was conveyed.


Using additional software tools can provide huge assistance when attempting these things for the first time.  Relias is compatible with several software programs that can do the bulk of the work for you if you  are not skilled in scripting and/or coding.  Shout outs to @Camtasia and @eLearning Brothers as partners in developing the content included here.  Also, the @Adobe_Creative_Cloud product is an all-in-one tool that comes with tutorials built in...


Here's the gist, get dirty.  If good is good enough,  then there is no opportunity for better or best.  Try things, make mistakes, and learn while attempting to help others learn.  Reach out to your Relias Connect team mates and get interactive.  All of the products mention here have free trials available in which you can see if you like it.  


Your learners and your leaders will thank you through the statistics if no place else and your peers will be impressed as well. You can reach me