September marked as "Recovery Month" in Milwaukee County

Blog Post created by 646060 Administrator on Sep 9, 2014

Yesterday, local news outlets here in Milwaukee announced plans for a new anti-drug initiative which hopes to promote community awareness about the signs of addiction and the recovery process.  To help launch the program, Milwaukee announced September will now be recognized as "Recovery Month."  The initiative will include education, additional resources for those currently struggling with and in recovery from addiction, additional drop-off locations for unused prescription medications, as well as a local walk this upcoming Saturday.


With the number of drug-related deaths increasing by the day, spanning from the inner city to the suburbs, I believe the more support, information, and awareness created the better.  It is unfortunate that recovering addicts face such a stigma in the "non-addict" community while they struggle with this life-long battle.  I hope speaking out more publicly about the topic will encourage others to educate themselves and seek help.


Milwaukee to mark September as 'Recovery Month' - TODAY'S TMJ4