A Different Way of Thinking about it...

Blog Post created by 710073 Administrator on Jan 8, 2015


Spending some time now in RELIAS education, I have begun to incorporate some outside the box kind of thinking to some projects at hand.  For example, I am creating a new training for my organization, I began to think about polling (from RELIAS) in a Virtual Classroom Training.  After mulling it over I began to list out  the benefits of  implementing this kind of tool … polling  is has a captive audience, completing it on line avoids the quickness of pencil markings straight down the page or the routine of questions/answers, it visually welcoming and from what I have been reading, it appears to provide quality data being more concrete and exact, and provides results instantaneously.


In regards to a performance-based training, I like the fact that you can measure course skills even complex skills by utilizing a scenario that keeps evolving from one question to another.   Most of my experience has been utilizing Exams and Evaluations in supporting training,s.  Utilizing polls is great for conceptual skills vs interpersonal or technical skills.  I think it is something that may work in particular situations.


My goal this year is to put more life into the Learning on line Training's.   Usually at the end of the training, you want to answer and get through the exam Fast and Pass or as I refer to it as "F & P".  I am thinking that the Polling Tool is less structured, still limits the choices especially anything going against agency policy, and from what I am seeing on RELIAS, the result is that you end up with more clear-cut responses.  For me, the polls are more fun to take and you don’t mind taking them. 


I hope to incorporate this tool and see if it provides better results and quality data, easier.  After all it is a New Year!!  I think I will poll to see what tool folks prefer in the creation of exams and evaluations.