So you are thinking Electronic Medical Records!

Blog Post created by 710073 Administrator on Jan 23, 2015

Trying to make the most out of every day… Acquiring a better balance in life. ..

After reading all the thought provoking New Year’s resolution posts, I find myself contemplating about the true meaning

of what my goals actually mean in regards to the bigger picture on the job.

As my organization moves into the era of Electronic Medical Record (EMR), I am compiling a monumental list of all the training issues at hand while considering each program, department, population and milieu within the organization.  It is just a little overwhelming.  Then I look at my 2015 New Year’s resolutions and ponder.  I know I will be busy each hour of the day but is that really making the most out of every day?  With a “go live” date hovering above, can a balance really be achieved? And if so, in what?

So I decided in order to move forward and preserve quality (and my sanity), I realize that short term goals are my true resolution. I reviewed the plan I had put into effect a few months prior and found it being in sync (not the boy band) with current consultation – very comforting moving forward. 

My Plan

Steps for Training Staff on using a new EMR

  • Identifying Employee Computer Skills and Provide Basic Training –Created a Basic Computer Training 101 Course and uploaded it into RELIAS.  Content cover from Passwords, Log on, Email set up to Microsoft Word and Excel beginner’s utilization.


  • Designate One or Two Tech-Savvy “Super Users”- currently meeting with a Super User representatives from each program/department etc  and training on navigating through the EMR system while reviewing and tweaking new forms  and other clinical documentation etc.


  • Train Employees only on areas they are going to use- Currently providing demo sessions on only the areas in the system that pertains to that particular program/staff.


  • Conduct Post-Implementation Feedback Sessions- Reoccurring meetings already implemented weekly.


  • Take Advantage of Online Resources Provided by your EMR Vendor –Contract agreement with EMR Vendor includes on-site consultation training sessions with the IT Programmer, Finance Dept, and I T Clinical EMR Training Coordinator.  Already scheduled.


  • EMR Implementation Training Strategies consist of: 1.) Super User Training; 2.) Role-Based Training; 3) Process Based Training.  Super Users already identified, and Role-Based Training TBA and Process Based Training (process charts already completed and editing occuring)

The EMR current status - tweaking and customization forms and assessments stage. Currently Super Users are being provided demo sessions.  In the mist of creating multiple trainings, the staff are learning how to navigate through the new system.  Part One. 

How many Parts you ask?  I am still counting…

Then there is that wall of documentation  to cross walk, customize, add fields, drop downs, radio buttons and check, and recheck the checked etc prior to presenting it as “Ready for Go Live”! 

Prior to that, Basic Computer Training and Concurrent Documentation Training have to be rolled out before Training of the EMR can even occur.  (and this is the Clift note version)


So the “light bulb” moment for me is…

STOP and take time to review and dissect the current moment, and

hopefully discover that the path taken,  is the one meant to be traveled. 

So, revisiting my resolution-

Trying to make the most out of every day…  Acquiring a better balance in life. …

I determined -Here is where I reside, trying to make the most out of every day and

continue to acquire a better balance in life.

Yes, It is a Process and Always a Journey.