Too much of a good thing!

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Never Ending Blast of Winter is having a huge effect on the Children.....ABC news covered one of our Agency's program...

Was it cold this morning! 1 degree.  ABC 6 News was there.  February 6 at 1:45 pm.


Kids brave severe weather through walking school bus

Nicole Brazier  ABC 6 News writes  -

Little ones are getting to school the only way they can... in the street. Too much ice and snow and a lack of shoveled sidewalks. ABC6.COM

The Walking School Bus is a group of elementary students walking to and from school with adult supervision.  The group stops along the way, like a bus, at designated locations. 

The Walking School Bus works!  Participating students have improved their attendance!


Too often, though, the boys and girls don't have protection from the sub-zero temps they need to walk in to get an education.  That's why the Staff and Volunteers walk with backpacks with hats, gloves, mittens and hand warmers to give them.  The Walking School Bus was created to address the issues of chronic absenteeism and tardiness, issues that many schools are dealing with. Family Service provides volunteer-led walk routes to help a number of young students, living within a mile of school, to walk to and from school.  This program promotes school attendance, which is critical for learning.