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Blog Post created by 710073 Administrator on Mar 9, 2015

It has been reports over the news that school educators/administrators are becoming very creative in trying to solve the problem presented to many throughout the country, the accumulating of days off due to 2015 Winter Weather.  Articles are appearing in getting support for turning snow days into e-learning days. 

The snow storms are numerous and so severe, it has been limiting access to roads, flights, business closures, and most of all, preventing schools from opening.  The school administers are so concerned about the excessive snow days have begun to bleed into summer vacation .  Therefore, some administrators and school committees are looking at new approaches to end snow days moving forward.

One thought is called “e-learning days”, or days that are dedicated to doing school work over the internet.  Similar to how e-learning college courses are offered.  This will not only save money for not having to keep schools opened at the end of the year with no additional transportation required, heating, cooling, while providing academic consistency.

This type of learning is already being practiced and becoming more popular throughout the country offering classes and some full time virtual schools.    Obviously, issues arise with not every school district or child having equal access.    The public school districts have the most challenges in implementing such an option.    We see in our state that more educational grants for this kind of thing are being found in RFP’s.   This year it seems to be increasingly prevalent as the school days compounded.  This is something that was not foreseen nor could be  planned for.  Therefore, if the option mentioned above was able to be implemented, teachers would be able to strategically plan for the days and the syllabus.

For those districts, it is a great alternative.  This is not an easy fix and a lot of work, money, and coordination would be needed.  From what is being said, vacations in the immediate future are the first to go.  However, if more thinking outside the box was devoted to this issue by those who can effect change, there may be other options that arise providing a more widely spread solution that would be more accessible and doable. 

Teachers are already noting that students having to go to school in stifling hot school buildings up until the first week of July, is questioning how much knowledge are students really going to absorbed. 

This could really create an environment where your school will thrive even during the worst weather.  If the school thrives, so do the students.