Motivating Adult Learners

Blog Post created by 710073 Administrator on Mar 26, 2015

While I was surfing the web, I came across some easy tips we may know, but act as a good reminder for me when creating customized trainings for my organization.  I thought I would jot down a few and share.


  1. A voice behind the video is not enough
    It would be beneficial if the course needs to have a face (personal touch).  It helpful to make yourself available to people, invite subject-matter experts, authors, professors and other specialists in live online discussions and question and answer sessions.
  2. Challenge through games
    Come up with different problem solving exercises and case studies. Make your learners look for and find solutions.
  3. Use humor
    Humor would work great even with the most demotivated learners on your course. When your students know you are funny, they will listen to your material carefully, as they wouldn't want to miss on your witty sense of humor. You can never lose with that.
  4. Chunk information
    Chunking is essential, as it helps people remember and assimilate information. Small bits are easier to process.
  5. Add suspense
    Don't give out everything your course is about in the beginning. Yes, you need an overview, but keep some interesting points until the time is right. No one likes to read a book if they know what's about to happen.
  6. Stimulate your learners
    Encourage them to think by either providing them with brain teasers, or by asking thought-provoking questions.
  7. Make it visually-compelling
    Did you know that 83% of learning occurs visually?  Visual cues are very effective. 
  8. Present the benefits of undertaking the course
    Sometimes outlining the benefits is all it takes.


Being in the midst of an organizational wide training project, I am trying to keep the subject matter interesting and inclusive by creating as much diversity in the training formats ( eg, Face to Face, Video/Audio, Power Points, Interactive Training etc) as possible.  “I like to think that Challenges keep us Young” (or at least, keep us thinking)!  Therefore my mantra is:keep training's fresh, engaging, atypical, and most of all, interesting.