Spring has Finally Sprung!!

Blog Post created by 710073 Administrator on Apr 20, 2015

Finally putting the shoes, sweaters, mittens, gloves, boots and yes winter coats away.  I thought this day would never come.  As I felt like I needed a little airing out this weekend in the 70 degree weather, I decided to take out my anti-gravity chair and do some reading.    No,  I didn’t read up on Training Modules, or Outcome Measures, nope not even, Role base Access  but instead,  I got out my gardening books and planed out my re-dos from plants that just didn’t quite make it through this winter.  So I am calling it a little make over for the annuals!  A little nip and tuck and sprucing up.  A little botox for the roots. 

So back to Reality Monday, reading up on Training Modules, Outcome Measures, and all of the alike, I can’t help but think about how  training's are like another form of makeover. Something you have been doing one way for a long time, then suddenly we are going try to do it a totally different way, without paper even!!   It is very exciting as we begin to change the course of how we do business in the non-profit sector.  I like the fact that something different isn’t always better, but it looks like EMR will be better and move us forward in how we thing about technology.  I often find that we sometimes learn the technology and it seems that we work for it. I am looking at this agency wide Training project in all the different ways it will work for us.  It is quite empowering to help change the course of how things have been for years…be part of that change…and reap the rewards after the crawl through the growing pains.  So someone please remind me of this. :-)