Did you ever have one of those daze?

Blog Post created by 710073 Administrator on Jul 20, 2015

So I had scheduled back to back trainings on a Monday.  That was my first mistake.  I boot up the Smart Board…and I now have some time to get ready.  A supervisor comes in to bate and switch staff from this day and time to any other and so forth (it was tough to keep up when this is occurring 20 mins prior to training starting).  But I survive.


Staff being taking their seats and powering up their computer.  Some staff went ahead and therefore were having trouble logging onto the EMR system.  Meanwhile it is already 75 degrees outside at 9am.  So while a couple of staff were locked out, a couple of more staff’s computers were shutting down to do a Microsoft update.  Then no one was able to get past one of the security log in’s. Once I figured that out, then ½ the class lost their work because the computer updates took over.

By this time, I am literally sweating with the 37minutes wasted.  Oy yi yi!!


My best training….NOT!!Sweating and trying Plan A, B, C, and then D, all  leading to the unsuccessful category.  My goodness, why the pay back, for what, to who, and why all at once, I questioned. So I take a deep breathe, and just demo. I gave my wireless key board and mouse to someone else to drive, and I just talked us through it. 


After the training, I get on the phone with I T and they conquered, it was just the Perfect Storm. Could it have been worse…maybe by a degree or more, It was just one of those 90 degree daze!!!