Reflection of Training, Then and Now!

Blog Post created by 710073 Administrator on Dec 15, 2015

67caceab4eaf73d3ac04ba683eef3902.jpgAs I sit and reflect on the year’s events, I can’t help but think all the challenges, all the happenings, all the changes, all the compromising, and then I get around to all the accomplishments and most of all,  the forward movement. 

I think about how in less than three months ago, I was still providing a basic training on how the Electronic Medical Record was going to look like.  Now I am not only providing training on a Live Database, real time, real clients, but most of all, every Thursday morning, the audit committee comes down to the classroom and audits charts totally electronically.  As Joan Crawford said  in the movie Mommy Dearest, “NO MORE WIRE HANGERS”.  I now get to say, “NO MORE PAPER BINDERS”.  The audits are taking half the time to review the charts for compliance as there is no more thumbing  through mega size binders filled with paper, paper, and more paper. 

It is very surreal to look back to the beginning  of the planning stage (about two years ago) and then massive training began earlier in June when  I thought this project would never move forward, stuck in time, smack dab in the middle of change and resistance to change.    Even the training has changed to become more customized just like the EMR charts for each client.   

Now I have staff stopping by the classroom for a consult about different processes in development and how we can go further. Wow, we are talking about Program processes?  Really? I noticed while reading a thread on the discussion page this morning, someone mentioned that they were  just  interested in reading about Training content.  I applaud you as within this resource we are using , is a cultivated wealth of resourceful  information,  and support.


It is that time spent, I reflect on the most … the forward movement which is sometimes the most difficult to achieve when creating change in an entire organization and in the individual staff themselves.  Thank you everyone who I connected with this year for being part of my re-direction to something better.