Last week's reflections...

Blog Post created by 710073 Administrator on Dec 22, 2015

So last weeks reflection on a years worth of events is so in the past tense already?  This week is already concentrating on the immediate goals for January 2016.  New Programs, New Training's, New Curricular, New Problems, New Development of Solutions, New Creations, New ADA Assessments, New Skill Evaluations, New Manuals to write, New, New, New...  So with the glass being half full, its wonderful to be in the new for January 1, and expanding on New Projects etc, but Whoa Nelly....can I not take a minute to reflect?   The answer is no. 


The saying, "No resting on your laurels", is so true.  It is like, okay, you had a week to reflect, now move on, continue achieving, don't be satisfied with yesterday's accomplishments.  So sure enough, yesterday afternoon was that moment of moving from last week;s reflection to today's new challenges (ummm literally).  Again, the life cycle puts things into perspective.  Its a good thing (although couldn't this wait another week)?  I guess not.  So I learned that Today's success is tomorrow's new  beginnings.  For me , its not a do over but more of another strive.


So with five days off, my focus on this "new beginning" will wait until my return.  Yes before January 1, 2016.  I just call that getting a head start.