Time Passes in January

Blog Post created by 710073 Administrator on Jan 29, 2016

We spend so much time at work, that it becomes a huge part of life, sometimes maybe more than we would like.  The time spent is consistent and often vacillates less than any other part of our life’s events /happenings.  We tend to evaluate our life accomplishments, successes, goals not met in year’s events, relationships, job, personal goals, family life, etc at the end of each year. Come January, it’s a new chapter, new beginnings, perhaps new goals, and over all newness of the New Year. 


However, this January has been a month of good byes.  I have known more than a couple of colleges leaving their positions and moving on. Good friends, the kind that get you through and are there to lend a hand or two.  Ah, literal meaning of new beginnings.  Of course I always come to the conclusion that change is to be embraced. It cannot be avoided.  It needs to be processed and churned into the bigger “Futuristic” picture.  So we endure the moment of the news and to move on with the process of this news while incorporating into our lives. 

With the four colleagues this month, marking 2016 a New Beginning, I wish for you everything good to come your way, and applaud you in taking that leap of faith.  For those of us left behind, may we continue to grow and cultivate ourselves, learning from the past and emerging with the knowledge from the past and creating new ventures for the future.  Its all good!


Time passes slowly standing still.