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Welcome to the Discussion Forum for participants of the Characteristics of Effective Partnerships online course!

Now that you've learned about barriers to, and characteristics of, effective partnerships ...let's hear about the characteristics of your agency's partnerships.

For readers of the Forum who have not taken the online Characteristics of Effective Partnerships course, please consider doing so. It is a free course, developed by the American Probation and Parole Association with funding and support by the Bureau of Justice Assistance. You can register for the course by going to the APPA Free Courses link on the APPA CE Quick homepage (http://appa.cequick.com).

Course Assignment: For those of you who have taken the course, think about the types of partnerships that your agency has been involved. Identify either an effective or an ineffective partnership you or your agency has been involved in. Discuss how either the barriers to effective partnerships or the characteristics of effective partnerships discussed in this course played a role in the makeup of the particular partnership experience you are describing. Also discuss efforts you made to overcome any barriers to an effective partnership.

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