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With all the ambiguity and lack of norms tied to dating in your better years, it starts to feel a bit like high school all over again. Awkward giggles, talk about who's with who, and sweet little trinkets as gifts; except this time, you aren't carrying school books down the hall in one hand while holding your sweetheart's hand. This time you are carrying a cane in one hand and your "friend's" hand in another. I was recently watching a short film (5 minutes) addressing aging, romantic relationships, sexuality. Watch Backseat Bingo here. We have heard anecdotal stories of older men "shopping" for where to live by checking out some of the female residents. Then, there are the widows who are hesitant to even have a "friendship" with another man, let alone accept jewelry as a present from him. Is dating really more about who you sit with at dinner since often going on a formal date isn't a frequent occasion? How should adult children react to their parents embarking on new relationships?  How do you as an organization facilitate a safe and independent environment for residents to develop intimate relationships while protecting residents who have dementia? What challenges and victories has your facility or community experienced? Here's a little victory of one 100 year-old bride. How does our definition of love and companionship change as we age? Perhaps, we as a society, expect life to occur in a linear fashion from schooling to marriage to child rearing. What if life is far more exciting than a linear progression?