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This past weekend I was able to spend some time with a good friend of mine and his father. He served in Da Nang, Vietnam from '69-'71. My friend knew his dad served, but had never really heard him talk much about his experiences. After dinner on Saturday, I asked him a very simple question; "what movie is most like what you experienced over there?" His response was Rambo II (turns out my friend's dad was one tough dude)! My friend and I at quietly as he explained why Rambo was very similar to what he went through, and to our surprise, he kept sharing more and more personal experiences from his time served. After being captivated for who knows how long, listening to something that is so foreign to me, his dad stopped and simply thanked up for listening. Turns out he doesn't mind sharing his thoughts, feelings, and emotions from his time in Vietnam, but he simply doesn't share them very often because he feels people want to hear crazy stories instead of share something personal with him. He valued us taking time to listen quietly, not ask questions, and just share something personal with him. So I say this to anyone reading this blog, sometimes all someone needs is somebody to sit back, keep quiet, and honestly and genuinely care about what they are telling you. Listen and learn, don't just hear; it can mean a world of difference to someone!