What is the biggest challenge you face on a regular basis at your job?

Discussion created by 1823873 Employee on Oct 14, 2014
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I am just curious as to what work challenges people are facing out there. Some are all too common, budgeting for instance, but what about other obstacles you face on a regular basis?


I know a common problem I face is making sure I am keeping track of all my to-do lists in a common place instead of multiple areas:post-it notes, white-boards, outlook calendars, etc. A small problem that I can easily fix, but a challenge I personally face none the less. Also, I never forget a face, but if I don't use someones name more than two times within a few minutes of meeting them, there is a great chance I will have trouble remembering it even minutes later! Whenever I meet someone I say, "It's nice to meet you insert name," and when the introduction is over I say, "it was a pleasure to meet you insert name." This helps me tremendously!