Problems with Relias!

Discussion created by 7929844 Employee on Dec 3, 2017
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I have problems with Relias that I have been trying to resolve for 5 months. I have not spoken with anyone that can fix this.

I have 2 courses listed in My Learning that cannot be taken online. When I click on the course, a form comes up. There is not a course. Just a form that is to be printed and signed by a supervisor. The courses are "Response to Choking" and "Hand Washing". I have completed a course on CPR that included The Heimlich Maneuver. The Hand Washing test I could take anytime during the day, as I work in the Dining Room and wash my hands dozens of times a day.

Because of these courses being listed on My Learning and because they are overdue, I am shown as only 84% compliant. I am fully up to date on all of my courses.

I am told to do the Relias Learning. I do the Relias Learning but I am not getting the credit that I am supposed to get. Somewhere, someone is not doing their job.  My supervisors have told me that these courses were supposed to be removed from My Learning. They have told me that they can't remove them. So, what is the answer?


Donna Hammonds

Traditions at Beaumont